Current News
The shorter version of Insight in Mind is now available for free online through vimeo.
Past Screenings
October 2007    Broadway, Nottingham
                         MHA film festival - short version
June 2004          Phoenix Arts
                               Leicester disability film festival
June 2003          National Film Theatre
                         5th LDAF disability film festival
October 2001    Broadway, Nottingham
                               Mental Health Awareness week
October 2000    Heathcote Gallery, Nottm
                                + small exhibition artworks
October 2000    Broadway, Nottingham
                            Mental Health Awareness week
July 2000           The Showroom, Sheffield
July 2000           Broadway cinema, Nottingham
A 20 minute edited version of Insight in Mind was made for Channel 4 and was broadcast June 2002.
February 2016
The 20 minute version of Insight in Mind is now online.
DVD is still available for sale for £5 plus p&p from Five Leaves Bookshop. Profits paid to charitable causes - currently Emmanuel House.
February 2014    
DVD is available from Five Leaves Bookshop.
March 2009    
ABC of Insanity - the final poem in the film, is available online in memory of Andy Postman. In 2015 ABC  also became available on vimeo.
February 2008    
DVD is available through Mind. Includes both versions and subtitle and chapter options.
New web resources are available to accompany film.
Summer 2007
Distribution of video & booklet through Mind.
Profits paid to Mind Small Grants Fund.
2001 to 2007    
Distribution through Mental Health Media.  
Profits paid to Mind Small Grants Fund.
2001 to 2015
Insight in Mind continues to be a non profit making project and any monies from sales are put towards the film being more widely seen.
July 2000
Local Distribution
As part of the Mind Millenium award, the film (video format) was distributed free throughout Nottingham and Sheffield to acute acute wards, carers groups, day centres, voluntary groups and libraries to be made available for loan. If you live in these areas you could contact your local library to borrow a copy or ask at a local mental health centre. Some of these centres including Nottingham’s Libraries also hold copies of the DVD.
This video, under thirty minutes, makes good viewing for sufferers and carers alike. It is packed full of anecdotes and poems which are wonderfully illustrated with hugely creative pictures and animations.  It has powerful messages, some aimed specifically at carers while others, aimed at sufferers will also convey poignant meanings to their carers.
…..You must try to get this video and watch it over and over.  It is too good to miss.
Pendulum magazine spring 2001 MDF
I was struck by the portrayal of deep personal feelings through the use of pictures and poetry. I will probably use this for teaching purposes both at undergraduate and post graduate level.
Nottingham GP
I saw the video twice last weekend. It really left a lasting impression. It is absolutely fantastic. It is an incredible achievement
Former Manager Newark Mind
Online Reviews
Both reviews guess at how Queenie is made. One say straw, the other thinks paper mache . She is an embroidered doll.