Daniel Saul
The group worked with filmmaker Daniel Saul to create the film and then to develop the DVD.
Daniel is an artist filmmaker who works across animation, documentary and drama. He has directed and produced films for television, cinemas, galleries and festivals nationally and internationally.
About Swings & Roundabouts,
"Swings and Roundabouts" are a group of five volunteers who came together to make Insight in Mind with the aim of raising awareness of how it feels to experience bipolar disorder or depression, based on their collective experiences of "mental illness".
Of the five group members two have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, one other is a user of mental health services, one has experience as a carer, and one member works within the mental health services.
The original group, was brought together to make the video and booklet.  The development of the DVD and online resources has continued with input from some members of Swings and Roundabouts as well as new and past contributors to the project.
Contributing Artists & Artist Links

Andy Postman
Andy was one of the members of Swings and Roundabouts, he wrote a number of the poems in the film (including the first and last poems of the film), Andy was one of the performers in the film and worked on the film in general as well as contributing images. 
One of  his images is on the DVD face.  Sadly Andy passed away in October 2008, He was an accomplished performance poet and an artist who was producing mirrors and work for galleries in Nottingham. Two  Link to Andys tribute page

Corrina Rothwell 
Corrina was responsible for making Queenie the embroidered doll as well as other artworks and animation in the film. Corrina is a textile artist working in machine embroidery. 

Mark Gwynne Jones
Mark is a performance poet who performed in Insight in Mind.  His film poems were the inspiration to make this film.  He had initially been inspired by Andy Postman to become a Poet. 
Mark Gwynne Jones and his original brand of music, film and vivid poetry.  Free downlands to inspire and entertain.' www.psychicbread.org

Matt Marks
Matt wrote the music for the "ABC of Insanity" poem in the film.  He is a composer and musician with a long list of credits in theatre, live art and film/TV. www.mattmarks.com

Melanie Jakubson
Is a Mixed media artist who enjoys working with 
natural materials. Melanie has said "It was a priveledge in contributing to this project as  I felt it was an opportunity to offer a positive message in the expression of arts across Nottingham." 

Penny Arnold
Penny set up Swings and Roundabouts and worked on most aspects of Insight in Mind including its transition to DVD and the resources.  Penny is an interdisciplinary artist and innovator who is currently involved in a number of projects with other artists, one of which is rundance. Penny is involved in creating inclusive spaces for people who feel isolated in Nottingham and is currently working on a new film project with Daniel Saul.  Contact Penny through Swings and Roundabouts email.

Rob Van Beek
Rob is an artist who produced the series of photographs used in the poem Sun as well as the front cover image used on the Video, DVD sleeve and booklet.  He has an interest in psychosis and aesthetics and has given talks on this subject.  He does artwork to commission. Rob has worked with Penny to develop and update the resources for the website.  Rob can be contacted via email beekart@hotmail.co.uk.

Shane Cullinan
Shane wrote the score to many of the poems in the film. He is a composer and arranger whose work ranges from compositions for TV and film to orchestral pieces and opera. www.thepieta.com www.shanecullinan.co.uk

Willow Merryweather
Willow is an artist who contributed work to the film. Willow now works from a studio space in Oldknows, the group she is currently working with is called The Art Spirit. More of her older work can be seen at www.newcitystudio.org.uk/. To see her current work she can be contacted by email willderbeast@supanet.com.andy%20tribute.htmlhttp://www.corrinarothwell.co.ukhttp://www.psychicbread.orghttp://www.mattmarks.com/http://www.melaniejakubson.blogspot.com/http://www.rundance.orgmailto:beekart@hotmail.co.ukhttp://www.thepieta.com/http://www.shanecullinan.co.uk/http://www.newcitystudio.org.ukmailto:willderbeast@supanet.comshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2shapeimage_4_link_3shapeimage_4_link_4shapeimage_4_link_5shapeimage_4_link_6shapeimage_4_link_7shapeimage_4_link_8shapeimage_4_link_9shapeimage_4_link_10shapeimage_4_link_11
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